Date: 11/22/17 1:52 pm
From: Luke Pheneger <phenegerluke...>
Subject: [cobirds] Longmont Birds over the past week
I've birded the SW longmont area pretty heavily over the past week, the
highlights include:

Golden ponds
Snow Goose-2 (flyovers)
Townsends Solitare-3 ( still continue as of 11/21 )
Dark Eyed Junco-5 subspecies
Swamp Sparrow
Horned Lark-8 (in the farm fields)

Lagerman Reservoir
Greater White Fronted Goose ( my first ever for Lagerman!! )


Golden Ponds
Snow Goose-8
Greater white fronted goose-2
Snow/Ross's Goose-3
Swamp Sparrow (continuing)
Red Crossbill-2

A lot of geese are starting to build up on the agricultural fields, hosting
all geese except Brant and Ross's Goose but I sure hope those show up soon.


Lagerman Reservoir
Bonapartes Gull-1 (first winter)
Herring Gull-6
Thayers Gull-1 (first year)
A very large flock of American Wigeons is still present


My Yard
Dark Eyed Jucos- 5 subspecies including my yards first ever White Winged

Golden ponds
Greater White Fronted Goose-1
Northern Shrike
Bushtit 6 ( seemed to have come out of nowhere, moving through the
cottenwoods and dissapearing in a second )


Lagerman Reservoir
Bonapartes Gull-4
Herring Gull-3
Herring/Thayers Gulls-2 (adults that were hard to tell from a distance)
Northern Shrike-1
Virginia Rail-2
Horned Lark-3 (fairly common lately)

Over the past week or so, the raptors at Lagerman have included
Ferruginous Hawks, Red Tailed Hawks, Merlin, Kestrals, Northern Harrier,
Cooper's hawk, Bald Eagles, and I had one Rough Legged Hawk earlier on in
the season, but haven't seen it in a while. It's become a mini raptor


I also walked along the foothills parkway path that runs next to the
Boulder creek. And in front of the foothills parkway underpass I flushed 2
finches from the thistle fields that seemed like excellent canadites for
Common Redpolls, too bad my phone was dead and I couldn't record the calls
:(. But the description can be seen in the list below, if anyone is

Good Birding
Luke Pheneger

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