Date: 11/21/17 7:44 pm
From: dt <dtandelsie...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Greater Prairie Chicken-Fremont
On the way out of Menards in Fremont this evening just before dusk, I saw what I can only surmise was a greater prairie chicken.  Grouse-sized with a longish thin neck, upright stance with slightly drooping wings, short stubby, cocked tail, a slight crest, and a somewhat barred appearance (light was low).  The lone bird stood on the shoulder of the highway appearing to be getting ready to cross, so I parked my car and herded it away from the road.  It never flew, but rather, as typical, ran into the ditch and along the fence line of a cornfield. When I turned my car around, grabbed my binoculars from the seat and drove back by, I could not relocate it.  It seems Fremont is a bit marginal for range, and the habitat was a little strange as well.  But it was clearly not a pheasant or sharp-tailed grouse, nor a bobwhite or Hungarian partridge.  Isn't Fremont a bit out of the norm for this species?
Diane T from Laramie, WY

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