Date: 11/21/17 5:02 pm
From: Jody Williams <fisherwoods...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] Arthur Pack Park... possible LEAST GREBE
About 5 PM at the 7th hole pond on the Crooked Tree Golf Course, I found a LEAST GREBE with 3 Pied-bills.
I put down “possible" because I was the only only one around; tried to flag down a greenskeeper to get a second set of eyes on it, but he kept to his business.

At first glance, I thought that an Eared Grebe had returned after none for a couple weeks. Then it swam next to the Pied-bills and was dwarfed. The head was almost all dark except for white under the chin ending at the turn of the throat. The crown was charcoal gray, and was distinctly rounded. The sun was against me as I photographed it, but a couple are decent. I was straining with 8.5X. Kept looking for yellow eyes but only caught a glimpse. When I tried to get a better angle, it swam away.

The 7th hole pond can be easily viewed with a scope without crossing the cart path edging the course. Trails in the park come very close to it.

4 Hooded Mergansers included a male.
A Great Egret was at the west edge.
The 9th hole pond continues to have a variety.
The past two days have had
1 hen Pintail
1 Male Bufflehead
4 Ring-necked Ducks
4 Am. Wigeon
7 Black-crowned Night-herons
2 Green-winged Teal
60+ Northern Shovelers
30 Ruddy Ducks

Noted two Gilded Flickers yesterday.
Watched a Curved-bill Thrasher eating barrel cactus fruit.

John R Williams

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