Date: 11/20/17 6:24 am
From: Linda Ward (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Binocular use post cataract surgery?
Hi Birders,

Please contact me off list (prefer <tankapoet...>) if you can offer
any advice/comments regarding binocular use following cataract surgery. I'm
trying to decide when to schedule the surgery so as to not interfere too
much with over-the-winter birding. I've found a few posts by birders on
this, but none have really clarified how long it is before vision is good
using binoculars following the surgery....One post said the results were
good, and that birding was even better, but "it took a few weeks to
settle." Wondering how long a "few weeks" is? I've read it can take up to
eight weeks for full results....but other sources have said vision is
pretty good after a few days. I'd like some birders' direct experience, if
I can. Meanwhile, I had a contact lens specially fitted that is working Ok,
but can only wear it about 5 hrs per day....

Linda Ward,
Coinjock, NC

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