Date: 11/19/17 3:21 pm
From: <scompton1251...>
Subject: RE: "Audubon's" Warbler in Lexington County, SC


This is, as you know, a "file-away" bird for your state list or ABA
list, as it is quite likely it will be split back into full species
status in a future review. Everyone should check all the very very
common Yellow-Rumped Warblers for a bright yellow throat.

Steve Compton

Greenville, SC

-----------------------------------------From: "Irvin Pitts"

Sent: 19-Nov-2017 23:10:35 +0000
Subject: "Audubon's" Warbler in Lexington County, SC

This afternoon I saw an "Audubon's" Warbler in my front yard near
Lexington, SC. I submitted a few photos with my e-bird report. This is
the first time I can recall seeing this race of the Yellow-rumped
Warbler in SC. A great yard bird!

Irvin Pitts

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