Date: 11/15/17 4:24 pm
From: Clifton Avery (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Rough-legged Hawk and Short-eared Owl - Pond Mountain Game Land
Pond Mountain Game Land, Ashe County, NC - November 15, 2017

*1 Short-eared Owl*
3:45 pm. Flushed out of early successional habitat from less than 20 feet
away by Guy McGrane. Awkward, floppy wing beats. Very different flight
style than Harrier. Tawny belly with streaking on breast. Black marking on
under wing wrist. Black patch on upper wing wrist. Buffy patch on upper
wing primaries with dark tips. Rather large head and facial disc. No white
rump patch. Great looks at owl by both of us from above and below with
perfect lighting.

*2 Rough-legged Hawks*
Juvenile dark morph. Large buteo with long wings and tail. Hovering and
flying low over fields and early successional habitat. Dark from belly
along upper under wing to wrist patch with whitish flight feathers
underneath. Pale upper wing patch. White tail with grayish band. Second
bird light morph adult. White underneath with dark wrist patch, dark tips
of primaries and dark tail band. Initially saw birds separately. Later on
in the day we saw both birds soaring together.

Clifton Avery
Asheville, NC

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