Date: 11/15/17 2:44 pm
From: 'Blake Allison' via NHBirds <nhbirds...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Lyme Injured Snow Goose Wednesday Afternoon Update
Despite the lack of any sightings Wednesday morning and early afternoon, I decided around 3:30 p.m., I to visit the corn field on Post Pond Lane where the snow goose was last viewed Tuesday afternoon.
I did locate the bird. It obligingly was standing just inside the tree line at the field's southern edge. I parked about 50 yards from the goose. I started to walk into the field to get a closer look, and the bird immediately retreated into the woods.

A few moments thereafter, I was joined by Post Pond Lane resident John Quimby who had earlier made several unsuccessful attempts to locate the goose. While we were chatting, the bird reappeared at the wood's edge.
John could not stay, but I was able to reach Lyme's licensed bird rehabilitator Catherine Greenleaf who runs St. Francis Wild Bird Hospital. She arrived on the scene about 4:00 with a couple of nets. Shortly thereafter, the goose started working its way into the corn field stubble to forage. With the bird about five yards away from the tree cover, Catherine decided to circle around behind it to see if a capture could be made. She was about fifteen yards away when the goose took flight. It circled as if intending to return to the field but seeing Catherine there, it flew off the short distance to Clay Brook disappearing behind the brook's tree and shrub buffer.
The fact the bird seems alert, wants to eat and can fly are reasons for hope. However, Catherine did observe that the bird has a neck wound. and it likely is weakened from lack of food and loss of blood. We'll return Thursday morning and hope for the best.
Blake Allison
Lyme, NH 03768-3400

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