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Subject: RE: [NEBirds] Jaeger - Lake North, Columbus

What you describe is certainly consistent with a jaeger, especially if it was observed harassing gulls. This time of year, Pomarine and Parasitic would be the expected species, but jaeger I.D. is tough. Hopefully it sticks around, is observed by many other birders and photos are obtained.


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Subject: [NEBirds] Jaeger - Lake North, Columbus

Possible Jaeger - species ?? This is an "unknown" bird to this is what I observed.

A group of ring-billed gulls were harassing a flock of hooded mergansers, with the gulls was a VERY Dark bird about the same size as the gulls that was harassing the gulls. My first thought was a "tern" - as it had the very sharp pointed wings, that sweep back, and there are black terns at Lake North - BUT this was too large, and the terns are gone for the winter. My next thought was some sort of a gull - but the total dark body, (and wings) and extremely pointed wings (with faint white area on underside - towards tip) didn't match any gull. After looking through my Sibley' "guess" is a Jaeger - maybe a Parasitic??? I didn't know if that is a possibility in Nebraska - but I see in "Birds of Nebraska" that it is a possibility. Any other ideas?

p.s. Swans on Lake Babcock

Marsha Nyffeler
Columbus, NE

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