Date: 11/14/17 4:34 pm
From: Mark McShane <mcshanebirder...>
Subject: [GABO-L] County Birding - County Mapping/Free Tools Tech Stuff
Hi All,

Wes Hatch let me know of a site that offers some pretty cool county mapping tools when I saw him at Turkey Pond this week.

For example this address:

will currently overlay county borders on a static Google type map and is zoom-able, click on a county for the county label. Add a shortcut to this to the desktop or home screen on your computer, phone, tablet, or other device and you have a pretty cool county mapping tool!

The site has more to offer regarding making custom county related state maps at: (strange name for a county mapping site)

If anyone has other cool county mapping tools that can be shared please do so! I am looking for some other county map overlay apps that will run on top of live Google Maps, or another map app, on the phone, MapQuest does do this but I think this one is easier to use and to see on a very small screen. I'm sure there's probably more out there somewhere.


For Garmin GPS users, with a Garmin GPS that can load third party maps, I've been running an older US States & Counties Boundaries Map, Version 1.1 Released 1 September 2008, on all of my automotive Garmin GPS devices since then and it is currently loaded and runs just fine on my fairly recent Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTHD GPS. If it will run on that it should run on almost any Garmin automotive GPS that can load third-party maps, but it is third-party freeware and is not supported in any way. You have to load it with Garmin's free MapSource (older) or BaseCamp, or other appropriate Garmin software that can load maps to a Garmin GPS device with that ability. It's indeed nice, and sometimes seemingly essential, to be able to zoom labeled county borders in and out on the GPS and glance at the county borders coming up on the GPS display while driving, no matter where you are, you know exactly when you are in that next county you need to, gulp, county bird. I would like to have the same functionality on the phone as well.

The link to this free legacy Garmin compatible map is:

Free Garmin BaseCamp is available for the PC or the MAC from Garmin at:
I think this software supports most Garmin GPS devices, and it is free from Garmin for Garmin for managing your Garmin GPS and data, but make sure you are using the correct Garmin software for this purpose for your specific Garmin model.

Please make sure you're comfortable with understanding the process of loading add-in maps to your Garmin device, and that your Garmin model supports that process before you attempt to do so as you may be doing so at your own risk. It's also good to backup your Garmin GPS waypoints, etc., to your computer and update the operating software and the onboard Garmin maps (according to which Garmin model and options you purchased) with Garmin's free software tools and processes.

I don't have any experience with other GPS devices other than Garmin as I have stuck with them over the years since the beginnings of my GPS use, and so not sure what is available for the other brands.


Good Navigating and Good Birding All,


Mark McShane
Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia

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