Date: 11/14/17 3:33 pm
From: Rick Tyler <rhtyler...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Lighthouse parking at Discovery Park in Seattle
Hello Tweets,

Several people took time to respond to my question from last week. Thank

The rule is that you have to have a pass to park at West Point (the
lighthouse). The only way to get a pass is to request one from the park
office which opens at 8:30. If you want to do dawn birding, you have to
walk in from a parking lot. If you show up at or after 8:30 you need to be
63 years old or older, or have a documented disability as to why you need
the pass. Or, you need to have a person with a disability in your car. If
there is no one in the office (as there was not last Saturday) you are out
of luck -- no passes.

Some summer weekends there is a shuttle bus to the beach.

The park is more than 500 acres -- couldn't they spare a couple of them for
more parking at the point?

Rick Tyler

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