Date: 11/14/17 2:51 pm
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Subject: [NHBirds] Carter Hill Observatory (14 Nov 2017) 4 Raptors
Carter Hill Observatory
Concord, New Hampshire, USA
Daily Raptor Counts: Nov 14, 2017

Species Day's Count Month Total Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Black Vulture 0 0 0
Turkey Vulture 0 20 429
Osprey 0 0 131
Bald Eagle 0 13 95
Northern Harrier 1 10 51
Sharp-shinned Hawk 0 77 864
Cooper's Hawk 0 14 128
Northern Goshawk 1 1 6
Red-shouldered Hawk 0 58 85
Broad-winged Hawk 0 0 3842
Red-tailed Hawk 0 120 203
Rough-legged Hawk 1 1 1
Golden Eagle 0 4 5
American Kestrel 0 0 242
Merlin 1 3 51
Peregrine Falcon 0 0 21
Unknown Accipiter 0 0 10
Unknown Buteo 0 5 21
Unknown Falcon 0 0 6
Unknown Eagle 0 0 2
Unknown Raptor 0 10 52

Total: 4 336 6245

Observation start time: 09:00:00
Observation end time: 15:30:00
Total observation time: 6.5 hours

Official Counter: Katrina Fenton

Observers: Ken Klapper


The platform was covered over with an inch and a half of snow this morning,
which hardly had a chance to melt between the 30 degree temperatures and
lack of sunshine. There hardly any wind to speak of, just a slight bit of
drift to the tower of steam rising from the valley.

Raptor Observations:
There were no repeat species among the day's 6 raptors. One of the local
Red-tailed Hawks landed in the big pine at the back of the orchard, and a
Cooper's Hawk seemed to have plans other than migrating. The Merlin was
powering south with a purpose, the latest of its species to be seen at
Carter Hill by 9 days. Just 15 minutes before the end of the official count
period, a light-morph Rough-legged Hawk crossed the back of the orchard and
perched at the tip of a pine high on the hillside. It stayed and preened
for several minutes before continuing on.

Non-raptor Observations:
A total of 35 bird species were observed from the orchard today, from a
female American Wigeon mixed in with a flock of Mallards and American Black
Ducks to a mixed flock of Eastern Bluebirds and a couple of lingering
Chipping Sparrows hanging out in the big maple.

Non-raptor Migrants:
Canada Goose- 102
Mallard- 37
American Black Duck- 6
Common Merganser- 10
anas duck sp.- 1
duck sp.- 1
American Robin- 555
Horned Lark- 1
Common Grackle- 7
Red-winged Blackbird- 47
Brown-headed Cowbird- 2
American Goldfinch- 13
finch sp.- 10
passerine sp.- 55

They're forecasting mostly sunny skies, a high of 40F, and a light wind out
of the southeast. There should be some thermals out there for lift-seeking
Report submitted by Katrina Fenton (<trina16...>)
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