Date: 11/14/17 10:21 am
From: <fwooley...> <fwooley...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Angola, IN, Steuben County, Immature Snowy Owl
Amy Oberlin of Angola, Indianaobserved and photographed an immature, female snowy owl (thanks forconfirmation of photo Brad Bumgardner and Sam Plew) yesterday, November 13,late afternoon, near sunset.  It wasperched atop a roadside power pole along CR 100E, south of US 20, south of the Ryan Park Elementary School.   I returned there this morning and did not findit.  I birded the nearby roads and didnote the following, mostly water birds:
 Twin ponds at the intersection of CR100E and ADDRESS:
Hanselman Road

Great blue heron – 1Canada goose – 20

Mallard – 4

Redhead – 8

Bufflehead – 3

Hooded merganser – 7

Ruddy duck – 1

Bonaparte’s gull – 15

Ring-billed gull – 25

 CR 200E south of ADDRESS:
Metz Road

Ameican kestrel - 1

 Fred Wooley

Fremont, Indiana

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