Date: 11/14/17 9:15 am
From: David Farner via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Northern Virginia Bird Club Meeting Wednesday, November 15 - Wood Thrush Conservation and Research
The Northern Virginia Bird Club will hold its November meeting on Wednesday, November 15 at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, 4000 Lorcom Lane, Arlington, VA, 22207 at 8:00 pm Directions can be found in the Siskin and on our web page at<>.

Dana McCoskey will give a presentation about Wood Thrush Research and Conservation.

Dana McCoskey assisted with the research of Wood Thrushes on their wintering grounds in Costa Rica and then conducted her graduate research with the thrushes on their Indiana breeding grounds as part of a larger Smithsonian Institution project. At George Mason University, she used DNA sequencing and barcoding to develop a novel method to study migratory bird diets and identify prey species that the thrushes in Indiana forage on in different types of forests. Dana's presentation will focus on Wood Thrush research and conservation.

Dana McCoskey is a fish and wildlife ecologist who spent over ten years in the field conducting research on migratory animals, monitoring threatened and endangered species, and studying the effects of land use practices such as forestry, fire, and renewable energy development on animal populations. This work took her into the forests, streams, refuges, and back country of Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Nevada, Indiana, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Costa Rica. She is a board member of the DC Audubon Society focused on bird conservation and education. She currently works for Allegheny Science and Technology supporting environmental research initiatives onsite in the US Department of Energy's Water Power Technologies Office

Early bird refreshments start at 7:30. Any contributions of food or beverage will be most gratefully received.

David Farner
Vice President, Programs, Northern Virginia Bird Club
Arlington, Virginia

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