Date: 11/14/17 6:09 am
From: Kim Likakis <kim.likakis...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] VTBIRD Digest - 12 Nov 2017 to 13 Nov 2017 (#2017-288)
"This morning, while walking my dogs in the Green Mountain National Forest,
my Standard Poodle brought a Ruffed Grouse carcass to me. It was minus its
head. By the condition of the bird, I think it may have been killed last
night. Any ideas what might have killed it and just taken the head?"

Bruce, heads are irresistible treats for all kinds of predators... hawks,
falcons, owls, foxes, weasels, cats, dogs (was the bird really cold?), etc.
With an abundance of food in the neighborhood, a healthy, well-fed predator
can munch the easiest tasty part and move on.

Kim L.
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