Date: 11/14/17 4:42 am
From: Harvey Tomlinson <oddbirdsin...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] King Kong
Hi Jersey Birders,
First I need to apologize to Yong Kong for having posted some Tabloid
Quality Headers on JBirds about his sightings.
The man has found as many goodies as anyone in the State....probably more,
but sometimes he just doesn't say anything.
I had to get together with Sandra a summer ago to get the mid Summer Curlew
Sandpiper he found loaded into eBird.
The pics he took were outstanding especially since he uses a point and
Yong is not looking for Fame and Glory.
He just wants to share and learn.
He wants JBirds to be a place birders can post to without worrying about
being right or wrong.
Skill level doesn't matter.
Camera quality doesn't matter.
It's the experience. The story.
Whether it is a Cardinal or a Greenshank, JerseyBirds is there to get the
information out.
I have been using JBirds since it's inception and because of Laurie and her
team it is still the best social media outlet we have.
Thanks Laurie.
Now it's on us to make sure it continues.
To date there are 801 posting members.
We'd loved to hear from you if you have never posted.
Don't worry about the background "noise".
It's coming from folks who don't find anything, never share, and don't have
the courage to post publicly.
Yong....You Go Boy!!!!
I look forward every morning to seeing what it is you've found.
Good Birding,
Harvey Tomlinson
Del Haven NJ

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