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Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Follow up to my post and shorebird ID request - Thank you Thomas Reed !!
Yong - I imagine that Red Knots migrate through NJ in both spring and fall. In spring, they are viewed and banded along the Bayshore where they are gobbling up horseshoe crab eggs but in fall, I don't find many at all on the Bayshore but rather out in the marshes like Nummy Island and Stone Harbor. If you can get the banding info, we should enter into for the record. I am sure that would be valuable info for the researchers.

Also, I think anyone who knows you, knows that your Flickr isn't meant to show off but rather to document and learn about the birds that you are studying so keep posting. Some of us are learning right along with you.

Linda Widdop

Montgomery County PA/Villas NJ
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Subject: [JERSEYBI] Follow up to my post and shorebird ID request - Thank you Thomas Reed !!

My reason for my posting today is to put an end to my ID request on the shorebird “in flight” that Keith Phillips and I saw at the Helford Inlet at North Wildwood (Helford Inlet Light House beach at Central and Spruce Avenue) on 11-10-2017.

Fred V. wrote to me asking some fantastic questions about my photos, what I saw and noticed during live action on the question bird, etc., so he could get to the bottom of the shorebird ID. Sadly, I could not answer any of his questions. Just be aware, if you are going birding with Fred V., you better on your top of you birding game cuz he will make you stand on your toes. Reason why I decline all birding invitation from Fred V.

It turns out that I took 159 photos of the knot flock. I can not find any one particular red knot that appeared different to the point it could be the one. One thing I have learned is, of all the field guides I own ( I had six field guides opened all at once in from of the key board last night), including the Rare Birds of North America, do not show the field ID marks of red knots that I saw during live action and by reviewing the photos to my personal satisfaction. I take that conclusion as I am just a bird-looker and have no clue on birding or bird ID.

Below comment is from a birder that I receive on 6-5-2107.

*Your headliners are bait to get folks to look at your " not very good photos on Flickr"*

My apologies to JBird members if I did it again as this birder has wrote to me before. So, lets move on, they were all red knots. One thing I found interesting is there were 4 banded red knots, that means one out of every 25 red knots were banded. What are they doing in Wildwood during this time of the year ?

Yong Kong
Camden County

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