Date: 11/13/17 6:58 pm
From: colleen snow <c.snow357...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Recent Yong Kong remark
Hi all

I don't post often because I don't get out in the field too often. I do
appreciate everyone else's posts as they do occasionally get me out to see
something interesting.

Several years ago I was attacked privately by someone who didn't appreciate
my asking for help in ID'ing a Phoebe. Actually brought me to tears. I
was going to quit the list but instead forwarded the emails to Laurie and
the other List Admins. Their action was swift and justice was had. The
Admins thanked me for bringing this troll to their attention and assured me
I was completely correct in my use of the list.

My hat is off to our tireless Admins who work to protect us and
occasionally tweak us if we stray too far afield. Thank you!

I look forward to meeting you along the Raritan some day Bernie. Til
then, post away!

Colleen Snow
Middlesex NJ

On Nov 13, 2017 9:45 PM, "Tyler Christensen" <tchris3190...> wrote:

> This may only be my first or second post to JerseyBirds, but I've been a
> subscriber for years. Just chiming in to echo Michael Perlin's stance on
> the trolling situation. I'd hate for a small handful of arrogant keyboard
> warriors that presume they speak for the rest of us to discourage your
> involvement with this community.
> Bernie, I live in Somerset and often bird some of the same places as you
> in the New Brunswick/Highland Park/Piscataway area. I hope you won't be
> discouraged from posting in the future, as I always read and enjoy your
> posts, and sometimes go chasing the birds you report.
> Best,
> Tyler Christensen
> On 11/13/2017 7:41 PM, B.G. Sloan wrote:
> Yong Kong recently said he received the following comment in response
>> to one of his JERSEYBI posts:
>> *Your headlines are bait to get folks to look at your 'not very good
>> photos on Flickr'"
>> I can relate to that, and it's probably the main reason I don't post
>> much to JERSEYBI anymore. There are a few trolls on the list who can't
>> wait to privately jump on some folks who they think post too
>> frequently. At one time in the past someone told me that the only
>> person who was worse than me was Yong Kong. :-)
>> I'm pretty thick-skinned, but at some point I get tired of a few
>> people privately "calling BS" on me. :-)
>> Bernie Sloan
>> Highland Park
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> How to report NJ bird sightings: see <
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