Date: 11/13/17 6:45 pm
From: Tyler Christensen <tchris3190...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Recent Yong Kong remark
This may only be my first or second post to JerseyBirds, but I've been a
subscriber for years. Just chiming in to echo Michael Perlin's stance
on the trolling situation. I'd hate for a small handful of arrogant
keyboard warriors that presume they speak for the rest of us to
discourage your involvement with this community.

Bernie, I live in Somerset and often bird some of the same places as you
in the New Brunswick/Highland Park/Piscataway area. I hope you won't be
discouraged from posting in the future, as I always read and enjoy your
posts, and sometimes go chasing the birds you report.


Tyler Christensen

On 11/13/2017 7:41 PM, B.G. Sloan wrote:

> Yong Kong recently said he received the following comment in response
> to one of his JERSEYBI posts:
> *Your headlines are bait to get folks to look at your 'not very good
> photos on Flickr'"
> I can relate to that, and it's probably the main reason I don't post
> much to JERSEYBI anymore. There are a few trolls on the list who can't
> wait to privately jump on some folks who they think post too
> frequently. At one time in the past someone told me that the only
> person who was worse than me was Yong Kong. :-)
> I'm pretty thick-skinned, but at some point I get tired of a few
> people privately "calling BS" on me. :-)
> Bernie Sloan
> Highland Park
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How to report NJ bird sightings: see <>
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