Date: 11/13/17 6:38 pm
From: L Larson <llarson2...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Recent Yong Kong remark
Bernie, Yong, Michael,

We can’t stop anyone from trolling off-list, but we can throw them off the list
for breaking the rules. If you forward attack messages we will try to deal with
them as appropriate. We knew there had been trolls in the past but no
reports lately so we thought it had died down. Apparently not.

Thank you for sticking with the list in spite of the trolls. What I fear is
other people may be intimidated and stop participating or leave the list
completely and we will never know about it.. I don’t know how to prevent
that except by trying to exclude the ill-willed from subscribing. But we
need reports.


> On Nov 13, 2017, at 7:41 PM, B.G. Sloan <bgsloan3...> wrote:
> Yong Kong recently said he received the following comment in response
> to one of his JERSEYBI posts:
> *Your headlines are bait to get folks to look at your 'not very good
> photos on Flickr'"
> I can relate to that, and it's probably the main reason I don't post
> much to JERSEYBI anymore. There are a few trolls on the list who can't
> wait to privately jump on some folks who they think post too
> frequently. At one time in the past someone told me that the only
> person who was worse than me was Yong Kong. :-)
> I'm pretty thick-skinned, but at some point I get tired of a few
> people privately "calling BS" on me. :-)
> Bernie Sloan
> Highland Park
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How to report NJ bird sightings: see <>
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