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The photos that Boni took of the Williamson’s Sapsucker can be seen on the Nebraska Ornithologist’s Union face book page at

Kathy DeLara

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Oooh! Can we see the pic?

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Boni Edwards photographed an immature Williamson’s Sapsucker at the UNL “State Farm” in North Platte today.. Bird is currently in the single row of pines SW of the Office building and Houses (corn field to the south of the pines). State Farm is located just SW of the Intersection of Highway 83 and State Farm Road south of main North Platte I-80 Exit.

At stop light before heading up the hill to the south to Lake Maloney, turn right, then left into State Farm Property, past parking area and some trees to second right turn, turn right there (will be cropland to SW there), pines will be ¼ mile ahead or less on your right.

Hope it hangs around a while…..

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