Date: 11/13/17 4:41 pm
From: Charlie La Rosa <charlie.larosa...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Deer hunting and birding
While hunting today across the Pherins River on the west side of Rt. 114
near Overpass Pond in the town of Morgan, I managed to log a few birds.
Alas, no deer. Deer and bear yesterday, however. Both presumably still out
there somewhere. A small flock of robins was making the rounds among alders
by the river or just calling in flight overhead. A single golden-crowned
kinglet paid me a visit. A blue jay cruised in to alight in the top of a
yellow birch above my head. He responded to some pishing by coming down for
an eyeball to eyeball view. Then he launched into his raucous alarm call
enticing a response from another jay at some distance and off up the
mountain it went. When a group of chickadees arrived overhead, I pished
again. They, as always, came close enough to touch, and were very vocal.
Another jay showed up to join the fun and then a male purple finch came in
for a close look. Ravens vocalizing overhead. Downy woodpeckers foraging. A
pileated calling farther up the mountain. Ruffed grouse flushed wherever
there was a stand of impenetrable young and middle-aged balsam fir. Usually
there are some taller aspens rising above the firs, but no grouse budding
today. Just hunkered down in thickest of growth. Plenty of turkey tracks
the previous day on the lower slopes of Bluff Mountain. Fox, coyote, red
squirrel, mouse, snowshoe hare tracks everywhere. Possibly a bobcat. Not a
single moose track over many miles of exploring. In years gone by, you
could stop at any random spot during a walk and spot moose tracks in the
snow. I used to do it just for amusement. Not uncommon to see ten moose in
a day. No more. Always amazed at the number of tracks that materialize
during a single night of snow and the many stories they suggest.

Charlie La Rosa
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