Date: 11/13/17 2:38 pm
From: Stephen Holzman <steveholzman2...>
Subject: [obol] Golden Eagle (Neskowin) - now in rehab
On Thursday the USFWS office in Newport got a report of a Golden Eagle on
the side of Hwy 101 near Neskowin that was not flying when approached. We
went up and were able to catch the bird after it moved from the side of the
road into some blackberry brambles where it was eventually stopped by the
thick underbrush. We took it to Chintimini Wildlife Center in Corvallis,
Oregon on Thursday night along with a Great Horned Owl that had gotten into
a duck pen in Lincoln City. Today we heard that the eagle appeared
emaciated, but had no signs of fractures, lead shot or respiratory
problems. They plan to keep the bird for about a month and conduct
additional tests before releasing.

I'm still fairly new to Oregon so I didn't realize they were pretty rare
west of the Valley.
eBird Map:

(I realize this is just eBird reports and there may be other GOEA records
for the coast).

Photo attached

Anyway, I thought I would share with the group.

Steve Holzman
South Beach, OR

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