Date: 11/13/17 1:40 pm
From: Gregor Yanega <gregor.yanega...>
Subject: [obol] Lake Abert bird counts
Hello all,

I'm interested in collecting as much count and diversity data as is
available for the Lake Abert region. If you've been any time in the last
ten years and have your count data available, I'd ask you to share it
(either with the group, or with me directly). I'm working on a project
looking at the role of shallow saline lakes in avian migration and the
effect of climate change/aridity/lake drying on habitat use and visitation
by migrants.

As you may have heard or already know, Abert dried down and became so
hypersaline for a number of years (2012-15?) that it could not support
brine shrimp or many of the birds that rely on them as a food source on
migration. This past year, the water levels have resurged and the brine
shrimp are back. I don't know exactly what the migration numbers or
species composition has been like, and I'd love to find out if OBOL folks
have any insights. Thank you.

Gregor Yanega

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