Date: 11/13/17 10:07 am
From: Albert, Steven <Steven.Albert...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Tree Swallow Beach Party
I had all day yesterday and headed out in the pre-dawn darkness for Cape May. At over two hours away, I don't hardly ever have the time to get down there.

In any event, yesterday probably didn't qualify as a great day (I guess), but it was still terrific. Many birds in the air, over the bay and in the ponds. On the way home I stopped at Forsythe, even harboring the very silly hope that the Greenshank might reprise. Among many other birds, there were lots of yellowlegs, seen and more heard, but none were particularly pale, all had solid brown backs, and very yellow legs. Oh well. Still lots of fun. And lots of Dunlin.

But, back to Cape May and the reason for this post. On the beach at the Meadows was a large flock of Tree swallows.<>

They'd occasionally lift off and feed (presumably) over the ponds, and then return to the sand. While I am familiar with some other interesting swallow behavior, this one's new to me. I Googled "Tree Swallows Beach" and got lots of images of even larger gatherings. But no explanation as to what this behavior might be.

What are they doing?


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