Date: 11/13/17 9:04 am
From: Richrd Gunn <richardgunn1940...>
Subject: Re: Salt Plains - No Whooping Cranes Found Sunday
There are still whoopers at quivira as of yesterday.

On Nov 13, 2017 9:49 AM, "Scott Loss" <scottrloss...> wrote:

> Several of us from Stillwater birded the Salt Plains NWR and fields to the
> north and east on Sunday. We did not find any Whooping Cranes despite
> checking in at the Eagle Roost observation blind two different times during
> the day and encountering a couple of sizable Sandhill Crane flocks in wheat
> fields northeast of the refuge and northwest of Wakita.
> Overall, we didn't find anything too unusual, and probably our best
> observations included an American Bittern (seen), a Virginia Rail (heard
> only), and Swamp Sparrows (seen and heard) in the cattail areas at and near
> the Eagle Roost observation blind.
> We also kept our eyes peeled for Snowy Owls while driving back roads
> around the refuge and on the way there and back from Stillwater. But we saw
> none, even with two different parties taking different routes.
> Scott Loss
> Stillwater

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