Date: 11/13/17 7:49 am
From: Scott Loss <scottrloss...>
Subject: Salt Plains - No Whooping Cranes Found Sunday
Several of us from Stillwater birded the Salt Plains NWR and fields to the
north and east on Sunday. We did not find any Whooping Cranes despite
checking in at the Eagle Roost observation blind two different times during
the day and encountering a couple of sizable Sandhill Crane flocks in wheat
fields northeast of the refuge and northwest of Wakita.

Overall, we didn't find anything too unusual, and probably our best
observations included an American Bittern (seen), a Virginia Rail (heard
only), and Swamp Sparrows (seen and heard) in the cattail areas at and near
the Eagle Roost observation blind.

We also kept our eyes peeled for Snowy Owls while driving back roads around
the refuge and on the way there and back from Stillwater. But we saw none,
even with two different parties taking different routes.

Scott Loss

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