Date: 11/12/17 7:35 pm
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Subject: [pen-bird] Coastside Ramblings 11/11/2017 and 11/12/2017
Good Evening Birders,
Just wanted to send a few updates on continuing rarities as well as a few interesting sightings from an epic weekend of birding the coastside:
Saturday 11/11:
Cowell-Purisima Coastal Trail: 
A flock of CACKLING GOOSE (Aleutian) was present. This species has been abundant on the coastside in the past month or so.  Also a surprise for me at this location was a MARSH WREN, in the presumably wet, somewhat reedy shallow grassy ravine at the southwest corner of the public trail area.  Also in recent conversations with local birders we've noted an influx of the GAMBEL'S sub-species of WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW, I noted at least one in the parking lot area where there were many sparrows present.
Ano Nuevo Coastal Terrace Prairie:The LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE invasion continued at this location (reported by Zach on PenBird recently for this location), I noted one in the prescribed burn zone perched in a bush alongside an AMERICAN KESTREL, and possibly one other SHRIKE on the east side of Hwy 1 on a utility wire - a bit too far away to be certain but behavior and color seemed right. 
Old Woman's Creek Road:A hike along this wonderful rarely visited corner of Ano Nuevo State Park (access near intersection of Gazos Creek Road and Cloverdale Road) yielded a RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH in the pine tree stands along the riparian area and later four VARIED THRUSH were seen in the top of a redwood tree farther up the trail where it gets steep and turns into a dense redwood-filled ravine (and good cardio to boot!).
Sunday 12/12:
Pillar Point Harbor:The well reported RED-FOOTED BOOBY was enjoyed by many of us viewing from Johnson Pier, and hopefully this bird will continue at this location for a while longer.
Wavecrest: Adam and I went out to Wavecrest this evening shortly before sundown, inspired by Chris Hayward's report from the prior evening and we were able to see one of the SHORT-EARED OWLS hunting over the bluff to the north of the old abandoned model airplane concrete runway area (which is a little ways down the trail that runs southwest of the parking lot).  This was just as the light was really fading after sunset.  A huge treat for us as well was seeing two BARN OWLS also hunting and soaring low over the same area, at one point having both species in the same binocular view making for excellent comparisons of size, plumage, and behavior!  Raptor numbers were stunning before sunset as well, at least 13 WHITE-TAILED KITES, and numerous NORTHER HARRIER, RED-TAILED HAWK, and COOPER'S HAWK also made a visit.  And finally, yet another flock of CACKLING GEESE (ALEUTIAN) was seen on the ball field and then later in flight over Wavecrest, I noticed in a photo I took that one of the birds had a blue neck marker/band (photo in the eBird list - link below), I reported this on the BBL website so it will be interesting to see where it was banded!

Bountiful Birding,Kent ForwardEl Granada
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