Date: 11/12/17 5:52 pm
From: Fred Atwood <fatwood...>
Subject: 3 species of swan at S Mill Creek Lake, Grant Co
Dear WV birders
South Mill Creek Lake near the border of Pendleton and Grant Co had 3
species of swan this afternoon. This is the first list I have ever had
with all 3 species.
2 Mute Swans, which have been there for at least a month.
11 Tundra Swans (6 adults and 5 immatures)
2 Trumpeter Swans with yellow neck collars Z675 and Z603.
Apparently this same pair was in Schuylkill Co PA in March 2016.
ALex Lamoreaux at nemesisbird posted "According to the Bird Banding Lab,
these swans are not in their database, and the bander using this pattern is
now inactive, and the lab never received any data on these swans, and this
collar color and pattern expired in 2002. According to swan banding
protocol, this pattern of neck collar was used on ‘captive’ swans
(Trumpeters, Tundras, and Mutes) in MD, PA, VA, and OH."
I don't know if there have been other sightings of this pair or if their
origin has been determined but I reported it to the Bird Banding Lab.
Here is my eBird list.
I will add photos when I get a chance.

All The best
Fred Atwood
Cabins, Grant Co, WV
Oakton, Fairfax Co, VA
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