Date: 11/12/17 5:21 pm
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Subject: [NEBirds] White-winged Scoter in Furnas County
Birded a couple of sewage ponds in Furnas County this afternoon (November 12), hoping for a Pied-billed Grebe in one of the two counties where I haven't yet found it. No luck with the Pied-bill; but at the Southern Valley School sewage ponds south of Oxford, a White-winged Scoter provided some consolation.

Mostly black duck, with the forehead sloping down into a large dark lumpy-looking bill. Two roughly circular, poorly defined white patches on the face: a fainter one at the base of the bill, and a brigher and somewhat better defined one behind the first. The bird occasionally shifted its wing and showed some white.

An eBird report, with three sub-excellent photos, is at I really need to look into getting a camera with more zooming power...

William Flack

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