Date: 11/12/17 10:53 am
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Subject: [cobirders] Boulder, Boulder/Broomfield, Weld, Jackson and Mesa (Chestnut-sided Warbler) Ctys
Hello cobirders,

Boulder Cty
Michael McCloy found at Boulder Reservoir: Pacific Loon (Dowell, 11/8) & Bonaparte's Gull (Gent, 11/11)
Peter Burke found a Tundra Swan at Walden Ponds

Boulder/Broomfield Ctys
Michael McCloy relocated one Tundra Swan (Mark Minner-Lee, 11/9) at Stearns Lake

Weld Cty
Gene Rutherford found at Union Reservoir: Pacific Loon (Mlodinow, 11/9), thirty Bonaparte's Gulls (Mlodinow, 10/17) an reported a Little Gull
Rutherford found six Greater White-fronted Geese at the County Road 37/CR 46 Ponds

Jackson Cty
Stevens & Michaels relocated a Surf Scoter (Litteral, 11/11) at Walden Reservoir
Stevens & Michaels found an American Three-toed Woodpecker at Ranger Lakes
Stevens & Michaels relocated Boreal Owls at Ranger Lakes & Ruby Jewell Road

Mesa Cty
Jackson Trappett relocated one of the Chestnut-sided Warblers (Henwood, 11/11) at Fruita State Park

Good birding!

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