Date: 11/12/17 8:29 am
From: Daniel Edelstein <danieledelstein...> [northbaybirds] <northbaybirds-noreply...>
Subject: [NBB] Seasonal Sightings/Local Occurrence....& Central Valley Birding Symposium
Good day:

1. Seasonal sightings/local occurrence on 11/11:

a. At Las Gallinas in San Rafael, I noticed (while birding from 5-6:15 pm) one Bonaparte’s Gull on Pond #1…..and I checked the large water irrigation equipment on the far east/northeast side of the parcel for non-breeding resident raptor species that sometimes occur (e.g., Rough-legged Hawk and Ferruginous Hawk….both of which I’ve seen perched in past years on this equipment……as well as a occasional foraging Short-eared Owl at dusk or dawn….)

None of these three species present.…...though I’ve been
seeing Ferruginous nearly daily at the borders of Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield (within the NBB area) ) I’d more likely begin to expect to see
Rough-legged starting around now and through the initial part of 2018.

Will check Skaggs Island Rd. today for these two species.

b. I have checked the northeast corner of Pond #1 several times in the last couple of weeks….and, in so doing, listened for the Least
Bittern that many of you witnessed in recent months at this location. Nothing.

My experience since 2014 when this species appeared in Pond #1 is that it returns in March or April annually. We shall see (of course….. tautalogically speaking the obvious).

c. As for courtship behavior:

Several times in the past week, I’ve heard and watched Anna’s Hummingbird males performing their courtship dance/courtship flight. The “peak”
structural sound from the tail feathers (per many viewpoints/authorities’ opinions) was heard.

2. Totally unrelated, and please excuse this one-time faux pas: I have an already-paid-for motel room for the upcoming, annual
Central Valley Birding Symposium in Stockton.

Anyone wish to take it off my hands?

If so, I have it for Friday night, 11/17/17 at the Clarion Motel near the Hilton where the conference is occurring.

See: <>

Please email me at <danieledelstein...> <mailto:<danieledelstein...> if you’d like the reservation ($61.50 for a single room) or please Share & Tell my above

Amazing, talented people lead trips for this annual conference and present illuminating slide shows/educational talks.

I HIGHLY recommend this conference, if you’re able to attend this year or in upcoming ones….as I’ve seen several of you NBB’ers
there in the past.

Enjoy it next weekend, folks:
I had to cancel this year (regrettable….chagrin…..working on the weekend…..)


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