Date: 11/12/17 7:48 am
From: Thomas Robben <robben99...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Birds at risk and new US climate document
Dear Birders,

Here are two documents worth a look:

​1) ​Three years ago Audubon released its Climate Report suggesting that
314 US bird species may be at risk this century.

2) ​One week ago last​ Friday the US Government released its​ remarkable​
new CSSR Climate Science Special Report and pulled-no-punches, saying that
our climate risks are very real, and thereby implying to us that many of
our birds may be at risk this century.

Both these reports are worth reading or skimming, and​ I created a simple
temporary website so it would be easy for you to go there and then just
click on those two long links to get to those 2 reports: ​

Food for thought: is there anything we can do to reduce these risks to
bird species?

Tom Robben

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