Date: 11/12/17 7:17 am
From: Malcolm Gold <malcolmgold...>
Subject: Eastern KS Birding Report & Gull Inquiry
Yesterday Dan Broers, Kathy Carroll, Micky Louis, Mick McHugh Mark Land and
myself birded the overcast and misty day through eastern Kansas.

We started at Clinton Lake where the best sighting was of Jon King.
Scoping through the distant birds on the water we found a decent diversity
of waterfowl, gulls, and handful of Common Loons.

Cruising the back roads around LoneStar Lake, through Globe Prairie, and to
Overbrook WTP yielded a handful of sparrows and Red-Tailed Hawks of most
colors and subspecies; Kriders lineage, Harlan's, Western, and Eastern. It
is awesome seeing people get excited about birds, even if it is subspecies
of our most common eastern KS Raptor.

At Pomona Lake we skirted the light rain and found more waterfowl diversity
than at Clinton Lake and a nice number of Bonaparte's Gulls.

Near Melvern Reservoir in Osage County we found our only Rough-Legged Hawk
of the day a half mile east of the Melvern causeway's north entrance. Few
birds were on the lake near the dam but the Outlet Park below the lake was
full of waterfowl. The surprise of the trip were the handful of shorebirds
at the southern swim beach at the Outlet Park. Lifer Pie might be on the
menu today for one of our group thanks to the fall Dunlin.

We spent the rest of the afternoon around John Redmond, Wolf Creek, and New
Strawn WTP. While there were a few ducks and gulls at both of the last
two, most of the action was at Redmond. The mist was heavy enough that
scoping was a challenge, The Herring Gulls were first of the season for
many of us.

For anyone that likes gulls or would like to offer input, we had a 1st
cycle bird that resulted in conflicting opinions in the field. Here are
the marks we collectively noted; the bird was only slightly larger than the
nearby Ring-Billed Gull, the white head contrasted with the dark back and
warm chest coloration, pink legs, dark bill with a hint of light coloration
coming in at the base, the upper tail coverts and rump appeared streaked
but light, the primaries black, and no open wing picture of observation
occurred to consider the wingpanel for ID (that likely is a hint to the two
species were were considering). The photos below were taken in overcast and
misty conditions yielding a fairly muted color and contrast compared to our
scope views.

While this is not likely a photo quiz that many want to participate in; If
I get enough feedback and input I'll likely summarize the ID comments.

I find a day outside enjoying nature with a car full of friends to be quite
heart warming; the stories, birds, and pictures were a bonus.

Good Birding,

Malcolm Gold (Johnson County, Overland Park Kansas)

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