Date: 11/12/17 6:01 am
From: John & Wendy Cassady <jcassady...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Lakefront 11/11 Red Phalarope
I joined Jeff McCoy and Lynn Vernon (as well as many other birders throughout the day) as we birded several sites in Porter, Lake, and Laporte Counties.   A cold but calm day found us scanning the lake for swimming birds, but it was a flyby RED PHALAROPE that stole the show.  
Dunes State Park:Wood Duck 8Am. Black Duck 2Mallard 19Redhead 36White-winged Scoter 4Black Scoter 2C. Goldeneye 5Bufflehead 17RB Merganser 33Common Loon 21DC Cormorant 1Horned Grebe 21Bald Eagle 2 (1st and 3rd c.)No. Harrier 1 (juv)Cooper's Hawk 1Red-shouldered Hawk 1Bonaparte's Gull 24Snow Bunting 11Am. Crow 8
Beverly Shores Lakeview:Mallard 1Redhead 15White-winged Scoter 4C. Goldeneye 1Bufflehead 13RB Merganser 63Red-throated Loon 3Common Loon 5Horned Grebe 19RED PHALAROPE 1 (flying east to west just off shore)Glaucous Gull 1 (1st/2nd c.)
Miller BeachGreater Scaup 1"dark-winged" scoter 2RB Merganser 10C. Loon 8Bonaparte's Gull 10Red-tailed Hawk 2Cooper's Hawk 1Bald Eagle 1
Visitor's Center on SR 49:Sandhill Crane 2
West Beach:E. Bluebird 2Am. Goldfinch 1Am. Kestrel 1RT Hawk 1
Portage Lakefront Park:N. Mockingbird 1WB Nuthatch 1Blue Jay 3Am. Goldfinch 6DE Junco 10Rock Pigeon 7DC Cormorant 1C. Loon 4Belted Kingfisher 1Horned Grebe 5RB Merganser 2
Port of Indiana:Horned Grebe 2C. Loon 4Mallard 3Am. Black Duck 1
Ogden Dunes:Am. Goldfinch 30Pine Siskin 4Horned Grebe 14Common Loon 3Am. Crow 6RB Merganser 3
Mich. City Harbor:Herring Gull 200Ring-billed Gull 75Lesser Black-backed Gull 1 (adult with extreme winter head streaking)Merlin 1Snow Bunting 55

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