Date: 11/11/17 3:00 pm
From: CROOK NIGEL <nigelcrook...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] Late Selasphorus Hummingbird, Madera Canyon.
Hi Everyone,
First I should say Hello to all those birding friends and acquaintances here in S E Arizona who I've not seen for many years. I've recently (probably temporarily) returned to Tucson from having been birding and living in Sumatra, Indonesia for a number of years. Since I've been back I've been busy sorting out work and somewhere to live and haven't had much time to go birding.
Yesterday I very briefly visited Madera Canyon with a non birding friend and while eating sandwiches overlooking the feeders at Santa Rita Lodge, I twice had very brief sightings of a sub adult male Rufous/Allen's Hummingbird. Having not seen Hummingbirds for over 7 years I'm a little rusty but if I remember correctly, the amount of rufous colouration on the upperside of the birds tail would point towards a male rather than a female. It had a spot of red in the center of the throat and much rufous colouration on the flanks, belly and vent. Again, if my memory serves me correctly, this is rather late for a Selasphorus Hummingbird  here in Arizona. Has anyone seen this bird and it's fanned out tail well enough to manage a positive ID to species level?
Other birds at the lodge feeders included a Blue-throated and a male Magnificent Hummingbird and a rather tame Red-naped Sapsucker feeding low down in a shrub.
While driving into the canyon and before reaching Proctor Road, a female Northern Harrier floated across the road in front of the car. I've also seen 3 other different Northern Harriers in three different places during the last week while I've been driving a taxi around Tucson. I also had a flock of about 10 Red Crossbills go over my head while helping a passenger with her groceries into her house in the far north west of Tucson.
Good Late Autumn Birding To Everyone
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