Date: 11/11/17 8:05 am
From: Paul Champlin <skua99...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Watch for Cave Swallows
The stretch between Allen's Pond and Horseneck Beach parking lot are ideal. I used to spend 10 minutes or so scanning east and west from the center of the HNB lot, then head to the gravel lot at the base of the Gooseberry causeway (a few minutes scanning over the mainland), then the 90 degree turn at Allen's Pond (10 minutes), then Allen's Pond parking lot, scanning the surroundings (concentrating east and over Fresh Pond during cold weather) for 15 minutes, then do the same in reverse for several laps, with great success.

Paul Champlin
Westport, MA

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Subject: [MASSBIRD] Watch for Cave Swallows

This is just a heads up that the recent weather—prolonged southerlies followed by a cold snap and a couple days of strong NW winds in November—are classic conditions for Cave Swallows on the Massachusetts coast. Caves have been seen in decent numbers so far in the Northeast and Atlantic Canada, with recent birds from NH and NS (in addition to Manomet, MA, a few days ago).

Areas on the immediate coast probably best spots to check, especially south-facing points on the east coast (Chatham, Sandy Pt, Scusset Beach) and freshwater ponds, sheltered fields, or beaches. Birds may be on the move early and then feeding in the pm.

Inland Cave Swallows are less likely but possible, as are other rarities like Ash-throated Flycatcher.

Good luck!


Marshall Iliff

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