Date: 11/10/17 8:59 pm
From: Tom SHANE <tom.shane...>
Subject: Nuthatches
Tom Flowers, Sara and I set up traps in our yard today to band birds, it was a little too windy for a mist net. The morning was exciting, by 9 am we had banded seven Red-breasted Nuthatches, and a half hour later we observed one without a band in the trap, but it slipped out before we got to it. The highest count of RBNUs we had in the proceeding days was four. We also banded two Downys, two Blue Jays, nine White-winged Doves and a few House Finches. The afternoon was completely disrupted by a pesky Sharp-shinned Hawk. Besides cold and damp it was a fabulous day.
Good birdwatching,
Tom Shane
Garden City

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