Date: 11/10/17 4:50 pm
From: Nickel, James B <James.Nickel...>
Subject: Morton County
Headed to the Panhandle again, and I had a chance to bird Morton County. Finally, I saw a Black Billed Magpie again in Kansas. I have not seen a Magpie for 2-3 years in Kansas. I worked around Dodge City and Garden City for a year and a half, never saw one. This one was between the river bridge and Cimarron rec. area. It was good to see one again. Also in same area, I saw a couple of jays fly over. I think they were Scrub Jays, but the light was very poor. It was overcast and drizzling.
Next I went to the work station. I saw a Curved-Billed Thrasher there. This might be the first one I have seen in Kansas. I'll have to check my Kansas life list.
I ended up at the lagoons/shelterbelt area. I heard Common Ravens. There were ducks: Mallard, Gadwall, Lesser Scaup, Shoveler, Ruddy, and Redhead. Last trip I also saw several Canvasback. The shelter belt is odd now. There are a bunch of Halloween leftovers. Some group made it into a haunted forest. Lots of phony spider webs. Lots of tire tracks and people tracks. There was also a big spider made out of foam, black trash bag for a body, and old tent poles for legs.
I have been trying to see Ferruginous Hawk in Kansas lately. I have been a miserable failure in Kansas. Do they still nest in Kansas? However, today was a good Ferruginous Hawk day for me anyway, just not in Kansas. As soon as I left Kansas going into Oklahoma and Texas, I ended up seeing 3 or 4. Beautiful birds, but hard to figure out. I seems like when I see one it's totally random. Jim Nickel

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