Date: 11/10/17 3:12 pm
From: sean riley <newburyowls...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Belle Isle Peregrines
This ‚~@~\pair‚~@~] of Peregrines at Belle Isle the past week + has been nothing short of spectacular to watch. The birds seem to move between the Winthrop cemetery, the key , and the main park at Belle Isle. Also other locations, I saw them today hunting Pigeons along Ocean Ave in Revere prior to showing up at Belle Isle. At any rate the 2 birds hunt as a team with a fascinating technique. The large female moves along the ground at break neck speed while the male is above usually circling slowly. Once a bird is flushed , the prey usually goes strait up to avoid the female and is then caught between the ascending male and the female who has now banked strait into the air. In 5 days I have now seen 4 attacks on prey each time executed with the same strategy. It‚~@~Ys really unbelievable to watch. About 50% success from what I‚~@~Yve seen with kills.

One of the birds is clearly banded, but so far I have not been in a position to see them that closely, as I am usually working without binoculars. Interested to see if anyone has seen pairs hunt cooperatively outside of the breeding season and outside of their breeding territory since belle Isle does not exactly have a pair in the reservation ... there are breeding pairs fairly close by however. Peregrines are ‚~@~\present‚~@~] year round , I see them pretty often all year round, but this pair is new. At least while they are hunting , they are always together.

-Sean Riley
Plum Island

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