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Subject: RE: [LACoBirds] Help with ID of Hawk near LA River ..Zone-tailed Hawk or ?

Just to amplify what Jim Pike said... I sent the eBird link to this photo to a couple of eBird reviewers for L. A. County and they (and I) are all in agreement the bird fits a dark morph "Harlan's" subspecies of Red-tailed Hawk. Maybe not as rare as a Zone-tailed Hawk in the county, but a very rare coastal occurrence for this Red-tail subspecies (which is quite a scarce late fall/winter visitor anywhere in southern California).

The bird seems to have atypical Red-tail shape. I can't explain the described Turkey Vulture-like flight appearance, apart from the general similarity in plumage pattern. I would expect a dark morph Rough-legged Hawk to have a smaller bill, more slender wings, and a slightly different underwing pattern.


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Hi Merryl,

That sure looks like an adult dark morph "Harlan's" Red-tailed Hawk to me.

Jim Pike

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Birders, this morning during the Rancho's monthly bird survey, we had this interesting raptor soaring over Virginia Country Club (north of Rancho Los Cerritos) near the LA River which at first glance looked like a TUVU but was a Buteo.

Any comments on the bird photographed in the attached checklist are welcome

Time seen was approx 8:35 am.

Merryl Edelstein
Long Beach, Ca

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