Date: 11/10/17 1:00 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] ANWR, Marion Co juv Ferruginous Hawk (fairly high degree of certainty) 11/10/17
Without researching it, I can think of no Marion County records. There are
several or more records in Polk, Benton, Yamhill Counties in November and

it was in the large field/marsh across the road from Eagle Marsh about
0900, facing me. Legs feathered to the feet, leggings nearly white, only
slightly yellowish or reddish yellow. Undersides from throat to lower
belly gleaming white. Large bill, bluish color, too far away to see yellow
with 10x bins, by the time I got my scope out it had moved and never showed
me that good a view again. Light flight feathers. Light warm brown
pattern on face and head reminiscent of Prairie Falcon...
Lightly banded tail, lighter toward the base, with the right number of
bands to more indicate young FEHA than young RTHA

Several Red-tails in the area, one was hassling it, it was clearly larger
than the RT

Halfway around the refuge, 2 SNOW GEESE were in a corn field along Wintel
Rd, an adult and a young bird. There was a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW along
Wintel Rd with other Crowned Sparrows near Pintail Marsh.

Roy Gerig, Salem OR

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