Date: 11/10/17 10:50 am
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Subject: [pen-bird] Interesting oriole visiting yard
We have been seeing an oriole in our yard the last few days.
An oriole at this time of year is very unusual so I thought I would share this online.
The question is if this is an Orchard or a Hooded Oriole. It is a hatch-year bird which is an age that can present some tricky ID challenges in sorting out those 2 species. The tail, which would have helped arrive at an ID, is molting so is of little use as a definitive field mark. And one must be cautious when assessing bill size and shape on a young bird like this. I’ve asked some local experts for opinions based on some photos I sent, and bottom line is no one indicated that it is definitely one species or the other. A video I captured showed the bird tail-flicking which can lean towards Orchard. Chris was out back yesterday and heard it call, so we are in the process of listening to recordings to see if he can get a match. Hopefully we can get an audio recording. In the meantime, we are wondering if this bird may stay the winter, and wishfully hoping to witness the tail grow in.

Malia DeFelice

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