Date: 11/10/17 10:29 am
From: Richard Trinkner <richardinboulder...>
Subject: [cobirds] Pacific Loon at Valmont Reservoir
A Pacific Loon was floating cooperatively on the body of water closest to
the Legion Park overlook in Boulder at 11:15 Friday. Steve Chang and I had
good looks at it through a spotting scope.

Richard Trinkner

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- Park Co lakes and some Chaffee Co birds
<#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_0> - 1 Update
- NE Colorado today <#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_1> - 1 Update
- Franktown geese, Douglas <#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_2> - 1
- Winter Wren, Martinez Park, Fort Collins
<#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_3> - 2 Updates
- Lost binoculars-Timnath area-Larimer
<#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_4> - 1 Update
- Redpoll, larimer county <#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_5> - 1
- Indigo Bunting - Westlands Park (Arapahoe)
<#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_6> - 1 Update
- Jaeger sp. (Larimer) <#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_7> - 1 Update
- Yard birds this morning <#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_8> - 2
- Black Scoters at Pueblo Res. 11/9
<#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_9> - 1 Update
- Brown thrasher Boulder County <#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_10>
- 1 Update
- Tundra Swans - Sterns Lake, Boulder County
<#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_11> - 1 Update
- Colorado Rare Bird Alert, 9 November 2017
<#m_6477698160811655871_group_thread_12> - 1 Update

Park Co lakes and some Chaffee Co birds
Scott Somershoe <ssomershoe...>: Nov 09 08:42PM -0700

Dean Shoup and I made a trip today to bird a lot of the mtn lakes. We
didn't get to nearly as many spots as we hoped. The first couple stops were
quite birdy and we spent a lot of time digging ...more
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NE Colorado today
Nick Moore <sdhjuw...>: Nov 09 08:07PM -0700

I spent the day out east today to find mountain birds out on the plains and
also hit the big reservoirs.

A unscheduled stop in Juesburg for gas was the best mistake of the day as I
Birding ...more
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Franktown geese, Douglas
Hugh Kingery <ouzels8...>: Nov 09 07:08PM -0500

The two Franktown gravel pits (Walker & McClain) have attracted a large
number of geese over the past 3-4 days. They move around, apparently going
out to feed in late afternoon (and maybe in the ...more
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Winter Wren, Martinez Park, Fort Collins
marimammoser <marimammoser...>: Nov 09 12:29PM -0800

The Winter Wren, originally found by Nick, was seen and heard again today
at 12:30. It was calling from north of the bridge over the marsh/stream
on the east side of the stream. ...more
Kevin Keirn <keirn2...>: Nov 09 02:38PM -0800

After unsuccessfully searching for a few hours late this morning, this
afternoon I returned to the spot Joe mentioned. The Winter Wren was active
on both sides of the bridge at 3:00 p.m. ...more
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Lost binoculars-Timnath area-Larimer
Josh Bruening <87211jjb...>: Nov 09 01:00PM -0800


Well, I temporarily lost my brain yesterday as I was viewing geese on the
east bay of Timnath Reservoir on CR13 and in the process lost my binos.
Drove away with my them still on the back of ...more
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Redpoll, larimer county
arvind panjabi <apanjabi...>: Nov 09 08:40PM

I just had a common redpoll at the Primrose studios which is located at the
west end of Michaud lane and owned by the city of Fort Collins although not
open to the public unfortunately. ...more
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Indigo Bunting - Westlands Park (Arapahoe)
Jared Del Rosso <jared.delrosso...>: Nov 09 12:20PM -0800

I made a short visit to Westlands Park in Greenwood Village (Arapahoe)
early this morning (11/9) to pursue a Greater White-fronted Goose that
another birder found there yesterday. ...more
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Jaeger sp. (Larimer)
Nicholas Komar <quetzal65...>: Nov 09 12:59PM -0700

This morning a dark juvenile Jaeger was resting on Timnath Reservoir. When
it finally flew, it continued on its migration path heading south. It
appeared similar in size and general appearance to the ...more
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Yard birds this morning
Jeff Parks <lastimout...>: Nov 09 08:25AM -0800


I have my feeder up, and there is a regular ...more
Jeff Parks <lastimout...>: Nov 09 10:27AM -0800

After my earlier post, I continued to work ...more
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Black Scoters at Pueblo Res. 11/9
Brandon <flammowl17...>: Nov 09 10:47AM -0700

Two female type Black Scoters are swimming out from South Shore Marina at
Pueblo Reservoir. I just heard what I assume was a Lapland Longspur rattle
with Horned Larks in the SE corner of Pueblo ...more
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Brown thrasher Boulder County
R Carol Cushman <r.cushman...>: Nov 09 02:53PM

A brown thrasher has been sporadically scrabbling under our mugo pine &
bird feeders since Oct. 30. Seen almost daily but only briefly.
Carol Cushman
East Boulder County
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Tundra Swans - Sterns Lake, Boulder County
Mark Minner-lee <markrminnerlee...>: Nov 09 07:39AM -0700

3 adults and 4 immature gliding peacefully. Might cross over to Broomfield
County at some point.


Mark Minner-Lee
Broomfield, CO

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Colorado Rare Bird Alert, 9 November 2017
Joyce Takamine <jabirujt...>: Nov 09 04:18AM -0700

Compiler: Joyce Takamine
e-mail: RBA AT
Date: November 9, 2017

This is the Rare Bird Alert for Thursday, November 9 sponsored by Denver
Field Ornithologists and the Bird ...more
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