Date: 11/10/17 8:45 am
From: Marion Clark <mclark66...>
Subject: Re: Ruffed Grouse Birding Locations?
Hi, Nathan!

Welcome to Upcountry SC! I lived there for 50 years, but now I'm retired
but still only 1.75 hours from the mountains (small state - 40th in size,
6th in biodiversity). I'm in my 30th year as a volunteer ranger-
naturalist on the 13,000-acre Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area (Caesar's
Head & Jones Gap State Parks) in northern Greenville County adjacent to
the Jocassee Gorges Natural Area of 33,000. I'll be at my volunteer job
tomorrow at the Caesar's Head Visitors Center, 32 miles northwest of
downtown Greenville on US 276. If you want to come by, I'll be happy to
direct you to the trails where seen Ruffed Grouse.

But let me give you some perspective. I can think of only FIVE grouse
in SC - ever! And my experience in GA, NC, TN, VA and WV is no better.
Not only are they elusive, they have to be almost stepped on before they
will flush. In other words, it is sheer luck to find one! On the bright-
er side, this is shaping up to be a spectacular weekend to be outdoors!
We had a cold frontal passage yesterday, and Saturday's temps on the
mountain will be in the 20s to 40s range with bright sunshine. With fall
foliage color being late this year, it is peak week in the mountains! I
can almost guarantee you resident Peregrine Falcons and Common Ravens and
bigger raptors which migrate in November. (Caesar's Head is the southern
most hawk watch site in the Appalachians.)

Hope this is helpful; be in touch if you need anything else!

Marion Clark, Lexington, SC
Cell phone 803.920.5731 (not reliable in the mountains)
Visitors Center phone 864.836.6115

> I'm going to be visiting the Greenville, SC area next weekend and was wondering if any of you know of any decent places where I can find Ruffed Grouse? I know they are rather allusive creatures, but am willing to try anyway. I don't mind driving an hour or two out of the Greenville, SC area to search for them. I've already tried eBird, but recent sightings seemed scant (perhaps there's a good reason for that!). Any info would be greatly appreciated!
> Nathan Langwald
> Lakeland, FL

Marion Clark

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