Date: 11/10/17 6:31 am
From: jugbayjs <jugbayjs...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Ash-throated Fly in DC
I found an ATFL in DC this morn at Kenilworth Park. I was sky watching for CASW, and saw a gray speck in my bins dropping out of the sky. and was puzzled briefly until it was low in enough that I could see it was pale gray and looked like a flycatcher. My radar went up immediately, since any flycatcher (but Phoebe) now is rare.

As it became apparent it was going to land somewhere I got very excited. Knowing it was a rarity I kept on it intensely until I saw it drop and beeline to a brushline. There is a long brushpile along a hiker-biker trail there. Could not believe what just happened!

I approached to about 50-60 yds so not to spook it. It was staying low and foraging from 3-8 feet above ground. Though very cold and blustery, there was still insects out. After feeding a little (I saw it catch something 3 times), it got nervous when a dog walker came by and dog was excitedly investigating brushpiles.

It flew up to top of tall tree when dog got close and perched briefly. Then a bike whizzed by, and it took off and flew across the field over a treeline and out of sight. Apparently there is some scrub and potentially good habitat on other side of trees, and another birder is looking for it there now. I had to leave, will submit eBird report hen I get home.

Jeff Shenot
Croom Md

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