Date: 11/10/17 6:29 am
From: Tom Brownrigg <brownriggs...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] a chickadee comforter?
Yesterday while cleaning out nest boxes at Towle field (Carlisle
conservation land), I found something interesting. A box with no previous
nest had a big wad of green moss with feathers mixed in. I wonder if it was
made by a chickadee as an insulated winter roost. I have seen moss in
chickadee nests, and the feathers resembled those of a chickadee.

Also, a few of the boxes had caterpillars on the top of the roofs. The
caterpillars were not moving, but it was still cold from the previous night.
I saw bluebirds perched on the boxes and wondered if they had put the
caterpillars on top of the boxes to warm up - like using a microwave oven
for heating up your doughnut.

Tom Brownrigg


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