Date: 11/9/17 4:36 pm
From: Christopher Takacs <americanchris22...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Passing of Bird-a-day's Trey Mitchell
On a day where I learned of a great bird in NY dying, the Corn Crake, this
evening I learned o the death of a Miami, FL birder that some of us in NJ
knew, Trey Mitchell. So it's not been a good day. Trey and I were the same
age, had similar interests in sports, music, birds, photography, we became
friends. I met him at Lucky Hammock years ago and participated in
Bird-a-Day with him. He ran the whole site for it. Showed me a lot of good
places to bird down there, always willing to help. Good birder but a better
man. A good guy that will be missed by the Miami birding community. I wish
I had got together with him on my last trips down that way, but....Trey
and his Miami buddies always seemed to find a good beer to celebrate a life
bird. Tonight I'm drinking a Scottish Stout for the Corn Crake yesterday,
but I'll also take a moment to raise one to Trey. I hope you all that knew
him will do the same

Chris Takacs
Bergen County Audubon Society

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