Date: 11/9/17 3:54 pm
From: Wade Snyder <dry_fly_fisherman1...>
Subject: Jefferson Co: 122 Tundra Swans
In Bardane this afternoon between 12:35 and 4:00 I observed three flocks of Tundra Swans (12:35-65 birds, 1:45-40 birds and 3:55-17 birds) all headed in an east to southeast direction.The fourth group I could only hear (2:40 pm) because they were above the fog. The visible flocks were flying low and below fog/clouds. Their pure white bodies contrasted sharply against the dull grey of the clouds.

I also had one flock of 36 Juncos and a large flock of at least 50 Robins, all in flight.

Wade Snyder
Shenandoah Junction

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