Date: 11/9/17 2:31 pm
From: g. g <birdersx5...>
Subject: Possible Trumpeter Swan, Donegal Lake, Westmoreland County
There was a juvenile swan at Donegal Lake today when I stopped by around
1:30 pm. It spent a lot of time feeding and briefly moved into the high
vegetation, then back into the thin stream of water, disappearing around a
bend in the water. I am leaning Trumpeter Swan based on size,
(longer-looking body than Tundra), bill seemed straighter than Tundra, and
it seemed to show the "V" pattern. The bill was pink, with black at the
base and cutting edge. The neck was long and very slender-appearing.

Much appreciated if anyone else has seen this bird and can confirm the ID.


Gigi Gerben
Washington County
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