Date: 11/9/17 12:29 pm
From: Janka and Michael Hobbs <MJCT_Hobbs...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2017-11-09
Tweets – Another morning where the weather could have been much worse. No wind and mild temperatures made the drizzle and occasional rain easily tolerable. And probably at least a third of the morning was completely free of precipitation. We even had a moment of sunshine and a touch of blue sky! Okay, there was lots of mizzle and drizzle, but at least it wasn’t snowing :) Birds were abundant, though diversity was fairly low.


* Virginia Rail – 2-3 were heard
* Green Heron – On beaver lodge across from Dog Central, a favorite perch
* Sharp-shinned Hawk – adult bird in Big Cottonwood Forest
* SHORT-EARED OWL – Flying the East Meadow, 6:45 a.m., and again at 9:45 a.m. Great looks.
* Northern Saw-whet Owl – Matt had one near east end of boardwalk, very early
* Pileated Woodpecker – two, probably a pair, heard often, seen in Big Cottonwood Forest
* Northern Shrike – juvenile, east edge of East Meadow
* Ruby-crowned Kinglet – especially numerous today; ~20
* Cedar Waxwing – flock of 30-40 at Rowing Club
* PINE SISKIN – many large flocks – perhaps 250 birds total.

The SHORT-EARED OWL flew around for a couple of minutes as we traversed the trails along the East Meadow, and then seemed that it resettled on the ground somewhere east of the Viewing Mound.

We spent quite a bit of time trying in vain to find a Redpoll among the Siskins. The Cedar Waxwings were probably too far away for reliable ID, but we couldn’t find a Bohemian amongst them either. It was a quiet day for waterfowl, with only 1-2 species of goose (a distant flock was *probably* Cacklers, but we couldn’t be sure), and just three species of duck, though we had a couldabeen sighting of a pair of flying ducks that I thought were Goldeneyes. Sparrows were moderately plentiful, but we had just the most expected six species.

I was out at Marymoor on Tuesday and did have Bushtits and a lone Western Meadowlark, but no other additional species.

For the day, at least 51 species.

== Michael Hobbs
== <BirdMarymoor...>

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